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23 Remarkable Quotes from Inbound 2014

23 Remarkable Quotes from Inbound 2014



“You can’t out-spend the giants, but you can out-think, out-teach, and out-help them.” –Brian Halligan Tweet This


“When you start with what’s at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention.” –Jake Sorofman Tweet This 


“No prospective buyer in the history of anything has ever said, ‘I want to go from a TOFU to a MOFU!’” –Julie Kukesh  Tweet This


“The more you SEO just to SEO, the less effective your SEO will be.” –Danny Sullivan Tweet This


“You sell more when you stop selling.” –David Meerman Scott Tweet This


“Be the essential answer. Be the thing that Google cannot live without.” –Danny Sullivan Tweet This


“Your success is dependent on your ability to create content that people actually want to consume.” –Jake Sorofman Tweet This


“‘I market by referral’ usually means ‘I’m doing nothing.'” -Peter Levitan Tweet This


“Be bold with your content.” -Guy Kawasaki Tweet This


“Forget link-building. Think audience-building.” –Danny Sullivan Tweet This


“I used to hire salespeople who were Closers. Now I look for Helpers.” –Brian Halligan Tweet This


“Even a perfect playbook is no good without great people.” –Dharmesh Shah Tweet This


“Leaders sacrifice numbers to save the people, because when push comes to shove, numbers won’t save you, people will.” -Simon Sinek Tweet This


“The leader is the boss, but when the shooting starts, she’s the one who steps into the line of fire.” –Simon Sinek Tweet This


“Transformation is not about skills and technology. It’s about attitude.” –Malcolm Gladwell Tweet This


“Values are verbs.” –Simon Sinek Tweet This


“Customers can tell you how to evolve a product, but they can’t show you how to make a leap.” –Guy Kawasaki Tweet This


“Truly innovative people are deeply disagreeable.” –Malcolm Gladwell Tweet This


“Today is a perfect time to be a challenger and take down the 800 lb gorilla in your market.” -Brian Halligan Tweet This


“When someone asks for your time, and you put your phone away to talk to them… that’s leadership.” –Simon Sinek Tweet This


“Unhealthy cultures create addiction. Healthy cultures create social bonds.” –Simon Sinek Tweet This


“If you are truly transformative, the world will call you weirdo.” –Malcolm Gladwell Tweet This


What were your favorite quotes from the Inbound 2014 conference? Please share in the comments!


Fen Druadìn Head (formerly Heather Head) is an author, as well as the founder of Scopcity. When she is not writing, running the business, or chasing down bad guys on Twitter, she enjoys hiking, snuggling with her husband and three boys, and avoiding the kitchen.

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