About Us

Good Writing Isn’t Good Enough.

We’re professional storytellers devoted to creating genuine value. We focus on what’s at stake for your buyer, to uncover the unique messages and stories that differentiate your brand.

Our Name

Celtic_harp.svgOnce upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a class of individuals whose talent at storytelling brought together distant peoples, influenced kings, and changed the course of history. These Anglo-Saxon singers were called Scops.

While we can’t promise our content will influence many kings (how many kings are there in your market anyway?), and we rarely accompany our work with the lyre, we can say that you won’t find a better class of influential storytellers anywhere else in the kingdom… er, nation. We’re like a city of scops. Scopcity… at your service.

Our Team

Our founder and CEO, Heather Head, is a nationally published business writer and content marketing strategist. In 2013, Heather set out to build a team of the most talented, business-savvy B2B storytellers in the country. That’s Scopcity. Here’s a little more about our small but mighty team.

Heather Head

HEATHER HEAD IS a nationally published author and Inbound-certified marketing strategist who has helped B2B services organizations achieve aggressive growth for more than fourteen years. She founded and runs Scopcity.

In 2001, Heather had a young family and no job or money for basic necessities like books. She met that need by browsing nearby bookstores where, one day, she found one she couldn’t resist. She scraped together her pennies and purchased it. It’s title?

“How to Make Money as a Writer.”

She applied its principles, and soon discovered the business world’s growing need for online content. Heather led the charge in the early 2000’s for organizations to develop content marketing as a discipline in response to the changing marketplace.

Over the next fifteen years, she stayed ahead of marketing trends, growing her knowledge and reach to build a successful marketing consultancy. In 2013, she leveraged that experience and her well-honed storytelling talent to found Scopcity.

Heather shares her expertise by addressing marketing groups and business organizations with keynotes, workshops, and panels that engage audiences with humor, insight, and practical hacks that participants can apply immediately to supercharge their own marketing success.

When she is not presenting, writing, or running Scopcity, Heather can be found performing improv comedy, assisting in the education of her three sons, and avoiding the kitchen.

Heather can also be found on LinkedIn and, occasionally, Twitter. She also hangs out with friends on Facebook, but if you check her out there, be prepared for silliness and mayhem. You’ve been warned.

Carey Head

Carey Head combines extraordinary business expertise with mad writing skills and a liberal dose of humor. He is a nationally published author in online tech journals, as well as an accomplished blogger, entrepreneur, and speaker.

When he is not writing, speaking, or translating geek-speak into English, Carey can be found performing improv theater, amusing listeners via Internet radio shows, and rooting for his beloved Crimson Tide. Roll Tide, y’all but he’ll still work with you even if you have bad taste in sports teams.

When two partners always agree, one of them ain’t necessary.Burt Lancaster, 'Buffalo Bill & the Indians'

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Justin Dye

Justin is an experienced media marketer, copywriter, and blogger with a passion for storytelling and a love for business. After serving three years as the Media Manager for world-renowned business coaching company EMyth, Justin set out in 2013 to start his own venture as a media strategist and content producer. Scopcity proudly added Justin to our freelance talent pool later the same year.

Justin is passionate about storytelling through a variety of mediums. Whether it’s a visually stunning short film, stirring musical piece, or a compelling written article, he believes that the heart of every project should be unique, raw, and personal.

When he’s not working on one of his professional projects, Justin enjoys camping with his wife, playing music with friends, eating great food, and dreaming up new business ideas.

Those who tell the stories rule the worldAmerican Indian Proverb

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Dillon Garrison

Dillon Garrison headshotDillon is a seasoned autodidact and writer who has been hopelessly addicted to the written word since reading The Farm Book at the age of three. Some years later, he found himself managing the operations team at world-renowned business coaching company EMyth. Along the way, he discovered that his favorite part about business was talking about business. In 2013 Dillon launched his own freelance writing and editing business, and joined the Scopcity team in 2014.

Dillon is fascinated by the process of bringing ideas and inspiration to reality, whether in the form of a blog post or a complete business launch.

When he’s not writing for Scopcity, Dillon’s probably pursuing his English degree at Southern Oregon University, playing music, or learning about whatever interests him at the moment.

Always be a poet, even in prose.Charles Baudelaire

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Our Approach

We slide in beside agencies and marketing departments to provide content and strategies that support positive business outcomes. We get in deep to understand big picture organizational goals, as well as how marketing and sales strategies support those goals. We get to know your target markets, as well as the primary decision makers and influencers your efforts are designed to reach.

We use buying journey maps, persona documents, and other innovative tools to understand your buyers’ problems, triggers, obstacles, and questions. Then we help you connect them with your organization’s solutions to develop powerful messaging.

We bring our immense creative capabilities to bear in identifying and telling exactly the right stories for each sales and marketing application, whether it’s a simple blog entry or a critical case study. We’re particularly proud of our track record of creating engaging, interesting content that B2B buyers and influencers like to consume—even on traditionally “dry” topics. We’ve developed content for buyers at all levels, including CEOs, CFOs, technology executives, operations directors, sales VPs, and many others. We know from our clients that our work gets read, passed around, and acted on by the people our clients most want to reach.

While we think we’re pretty creative, we also pride ourselves on impeccable professionalism. We meet deadlines, communicate effectively, and manage projects efficiently for productive outcomes. We treat our clients’ time with utmost respect, ensuring that the time you invest in projects with us is always time well spent.

Our Partners

We collaborate regularly with marketing agencies, Inbound agencies, website developers, video producers, LinkedIn lead generation companies, public relations companies, and sales training and enablement organizations. Our partners often bring us in on their projects, and likewise we use our partner network to assemble high-functioning marketing teams to fit our end clients’ needs.

Every one of the partners we work with is hand-picked by our leadership. We look for high levels of integrity, commitment to positive professional relationships, and a focus on meeting buyer needs rather than simply closing sales. Our partners demonstrate successful track records in delivering high-value solutions to their clients.

If you’d like to join our network of partners, start by connecting with our founder on LinkedIn and let’s take some time to get to know one another. We look forward to it.

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