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We Have Lift-off!

We Have Lift-off!


Hello, world (and friends, colleagues, and connections)! I am so excited to announce the launch of our new brand. Scopcity is the newest incarnation of my business (formerly Groove On Marketing), the culmination of more than a decade of freelance writing and strategic marketing. It’s an opportunity for me to partner with some of the smartest and most interesting people in business (marketing professionals!), and to fill a hole for them that is desperately in need of filling.

In short, Scopcity solves one of the snarliest challenges in delivering a complete marketing package: Getting the writing done, and done right. Click around to learn more about Scopcityour services and view a partial portfolio (still in progress–it takes a long time to load up 12 years worth of work).

I’ve spent the past year talking to agency principals and asking them how we can serve them better. What I hear over and over again is that content provided by the client sucks (truth hurts), and that agencies don’t have time nor desire to do it themselves. Many of them have one or two freelancers they call on occasionally, or they recommend that the client find a writer via a clearinghouse-style website, and cross their fingers it turns out okay. Both of those options come with risks: Limited capacity and the difficulty of finding that one freelancer who actually gets it and can deliver.

So this is what I did. I sought out the best talent in the industry and lined it up to serve our clients: Former journalists and entrepreneurs, successful business bloggers and social media experts, talented content marketing experts, all hand-selected and trained to the Scopcity way. And there’s me, too. You can read my profile here, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Remarkable writing talent, extreme business marketing savvy, and reliably timely delivery. What are you waiting for? Get those projects on the fast track. We’re here for you now.

P.S. Future blog entries will cover content marketing questions, techniques, and tips. Go ahead and sign up for weekly insights–at right. I promise it won’t all (or even mostly) be self-promotion. We’re just a little excited right now.


Heather Head is an author, as well as the founder of Scopcity. When she is not writing, running the business, or chasing down bad guys on Twitter, she enjoys hiking, snuggling with her husband and three boys, and avoiding the kitchen.

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