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Scopcity CCO Heather Head Says Goodbye to Beloved Grandmother

Scopcity CCO Heather Head Says Goodbye to Beloved Grandmother


I am sad to share that my beloved grandma passed from this life November 25 in Sacramento, California. I miss her.

When I was 7, Santa brought an elf-made crown of tinsel wire so I could be a princess. I wore the crown to school every day for a year and only learned who my “elf” was after she passed away.

Looking back, I realize this theme was constant in our relationship: Grandma doing kind and loving things for me, without ever expecting me to notice or thank her.

When Santa brought the wrong thing (a dumb shark game) for Christmas, Grandma privately talked him into returning with the right thing (a stuffed penguin, of course!). When I wanted to find coins on the street to pick up but didn’t see any, Grandma secretly planted dollar bills for me. When I nearly walked in front of a speeding car (because I was reading a book on my way to school), Grandma shouted out a warning. Only in the past few days have I realized that she saved my life not out of luck, but because she was actively, quietly watching out for me. I never even thanked her.

Grandma was like that for many people. Though she lived a quiet, behind-the-scenes life, and though most of her contemporaries passed before her, over a hundred people packed the church for her memorial. Every one of them could tell you stories like mine about how this gentle angel influenced their lives, how she always without judgment loved them and served them, every day of her life, and never looked for recognition or even gratitude.

During Grandma’s last weeks, I had the great honor and pleasure to help attend to her for a while, feeding her, dressing her, moving her from bed to chair, reading her Bible aloud, and singing with her. Reminding her, when she worried about being “lazy,” that she had earned her rest. Even in her deteriorated state, her short-term memory largely gone, barely able to lift her head, she made jokes and sang along with the hymns I shared with her.

One day, Grandma looked down at her hands and said what ugly, old hands they were. I told her they were beautiful hands, and that they looked that way because they had worked hard all her life taking care of other people.

She said, “Did my hands work hard?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Oh, good!” she exclaimed. “I’m glad they worked hard.”


Grandma is survived by my Grandpa, Ted Mann, who is as in love with his beautiful redhead now as the day he met her; her daughter my Aunt Elea Heartway, who was by her side every day and often every night for months during her decline; her son, my dad Ed Mann, who traveled back and forth from Colorado with my mom during Grandma’s last months even more often than I went back and forth to North Carolina.

I hope that in my life–both personal and professional–I will always live up to my grandma’s example of cheerful service. We miss you, Grandma.


Fen Druadìn Head (formerly Heather Head) is an author, as well as the founder of Scopcity. When she is not writing, running the business, or chasing down bad guys on Twitter, she enjoys hiking, snuggling with her husband and three boys, and avoiding the kitchen.

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