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The Ultimate Ebook Writer’s Kit

The Ultimate Ebook Writer’s Kit


Are your top of funnel and other premium content offers giving you the marketing results you need? Is writing them a hassle every time? Need to train someone on your team to prepare them?

For a limited time, we’re offering our Ultimate Ebook Writer’s Kit completely free of charge. The kit will guide you and your team through:

  • Four crucial facts you can’t afford to ignore
  • Avoiding the 3 biggest pitfalls
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Step-by-step instructions for writing the ebook
  • Final keys to achieving astonishing results

The kit includes the Ultimate Ebook Writer’s Manual as well as these valuable tools:

  • A proven template with notes on achieving success in each section of your ebook
  • Questions to guide you through a subject matter expert interview
  • Two samples of highly successful ebooks for inspiration and modeling

Don’t miss it. Fill out the form below and hit ‘submit’ to receive your free copy.

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Fen Druadìn Head (formerly Heather Head) is an author, as well as the founder of Scopcity. When she is not writing, running the business, or chasing down bad guys on Twitter, she enjoys hiking, snuggling with her husband and three boys, and avoiding the kitchen.

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